CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Duplication & Printing

Short-Run CD & DVD Production

DiskBank offer fast turnaround solutions for all of your CD & DVD requirements from 1 to 3,000 units. Duplication and thermal/inkjet disc printing services are available on all short-run jobs, along with a comprehensive range of printed paper parts and packaging options.

How does it work? In simple terms the process of ‘duplication’ or ‘burning’ involves the replication of a ‘master disc’. Once burnt, each copy is then verified to check that it is free from imperfections or glitches, ensuring that the content of each duplicate is identical to that of the master disc.

Duplication or Manufacture?

There are two key considerations when making the decision whether to duplicate or manufacture your discs : • How many do I need? • How quickly do I need them?

CD, DVD & Blu-Ray Duplication (ordinarily 1 - 500 units or up to 3,000 units for fast turnaround) Our disc duplication service is primarily designed for customers who require smaller quantities or quicker turnaround times (typically 1 to 3 days). We generally recommend that if you are working without time constraints and require 500 or more units, you choose to manufacture your discs.

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